Community Living Program

The COMMUNITY LIVING Program is offered exclusively through Mass Home Care and offers adults with disabilities access to a wide range of vetted home and community based supports, including care coordination, member education and engagement, and registered nurse assessments.

Mass Home Care (MHC) is a statewide network of Aging Service Access Points (ASAPs) that has been successfully partnering with community agencies and medical providers to support individuals with disabilities and their caregivers in Massachusetts for over 35 years. MHC’s goal is to provide care to beneficiaries in the least restrictive setting possible, at their highest level of functioning possible.

All 27 ASAP agencies work with Senior Care Organizations (SCOs), Integrated Care Organizations (ICOs) or One Care Plans in Massachusetts, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and other health care providers. ASAPs have expertise working with the medical community to integrate long term services and supports. For nine years, ASAPs have been providing Geriatric Support Services Coordinators to the five SCOs statewide, and Long Term Support Services Coordinators to serve the dual eligible population enrolled in the One Care Plans demonstration, beginning in October 2013.

Community Care Linkages,
Oct 17, 2013, 10:02 AM